1. "Serve humanity, regardless of religion. Show solidarity for those suffering and oppressed."
    — Tariq Ramadan (via tariqramadan)

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  2. cluue:

    Other compliments that do NOT focus on appearance:

    It’s so nice to hear your laugh.
    It’s good to see you.
    I’m glad you’re here.
    That was clever.
    Great idea.
    You’re so thoughtful.
    You’re hilarious.
    You make me laugh.
    I enjoy your company.

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  3. "Don’t fool yourself. English isn’t inherently superior, or easier to learn, or more sonically pleasing. Its international usage comes from forceful assimilation and legacy of colonialistic injection. It isn’t a deed that one should take pride in."
    — my uncle left this comment on his friend’s Facebook status, a white British man who was bragging about how easy it is to be a native English speaker when trekking to different nations. (via maarnayeri)

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  5. "Our modern conception of human excellence is too often impoverished, cold, and bloodless. Success does not always come from thinking more rigorously or striving harder."
    — Trying Not To Try – fantastic read on the paradoxical art of serendipity and how to master it using the Chinese concept of wu-wei. (via explore-blog)
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    Unnecessary “fillers” in our speech. I’d rather have “like” than up-talking, though (if we had to choose one, that is). Ewwww, up-talking. Then again, a combination of the two would render me homicidal maniac.

    Like, did you ever notice? That, like, the speech patterns people, like, think are stupid?  Are, like, commonly associated with, like, women?

    And, like, there’s this thing? Where, like, women aren’t supposed to be, like, assertive? So they, like, qualify their speech? Because, like, we’re not supposed to, like, stand by our opinions?

    1) humiliate women so they don’t feel qualified to speak authoritatively about anything

    2) humiliate women for speaking in such a way that reflects how you treat her

    3) laugh, you are superior because you don’t use words like “like.”  It isn’t as if being a huge stupid asshole has ever made you worse than a woman who speaks with verbal tics.  

    The nail. It is hit on the head.

    LOL “Acadamy of Linguistic Awarness” I hope nobody enrolls in there ever.

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  7. "People of all sexes have the right to explore femininity, masculinity—and the infinite variations between—without criticism or ridicule."
    — Leslie Feinberg (via petty-thief)

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  8. "Fetishes, on their own, aren’t harmful, wrong, or shameful things. Whatever floats your boat is fine—as long as it harms no one. The important element to fetishes that don’t harm people, though, is that they all involve a degree of performance and the ability to move in and out of fetish space. If you have a thing for people wearing ostrich-feather tails, your partner is free to prance around the house in hot pants and a tail as often as she likes; and when she’s not into it, she can put the tail away.

    Racial fetishes, however, are based on objectifying someone because of her race, which isn’t something she can control. An Asian woman can’t choose to take her Asianness off for the day, a Black woman can’t decide to not be Black while she walks down the street. These are lived, inhabited identities that cannot be turned on and off; there is no safeword for race. You live these identities throughout your life, experiencing the good and bad things associated with them, interacting with your community through and around this identity.

    Someone who says he (and it is usually a he) ‘prefers’ women of a specific race isn’t exercising a preference based on orientation or experience. He’s viewing certain kinds of women as dateable material on the basis of racial discrimination; and it’s telling that most men with racial ‘preferences’—which are really racial fetishes—use very racist, stereotypical descriptions when talking about why they ‘prefer’ women of specific races. Asian women are meek, say, or Latinas are fiery, or Black women are exotic and know how to deliver in bed."

    Things That Shouldn’t Need To Be Said: Racial Fetishes Edition – this ain’t livin’ (via shinobody)

    Why I am not here for race players and racial fetishizers.

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    Doctor saves child’s life by practicing heart surgery on 3D-printed model

    Heart surgery is an extremely difficult procedure. Even more so when the tiny anatomy of a small child is involved. When 14-month old Roland Lian Cung Bawi’s heart was failing him, his surgeon Erle Austin knew that he had to prepare meticulously for an intricate operation. Initially he consulted other surgeons, but this yielded conflicting advice. So Austin turned to 3D printing for help.

    Using the facilities at the University of Louisville’s engineering school, Austin and his medical team produced a three dimensional model of little Ronald’s heart. Pediatric operations are difficult because the interior structures of a child’s organs are small and hard to see clearly. This model allowed the surgical team to come up with a precise plan to limit the amount of exploratory incisions, reduce operating time and prevent the need for follow-up operations.

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    Fuck. This is important.

    3D printers are turning out to be the biggest medical breakthrough I’ve heard of in a long fucking time

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  10. wocinsolidarity:

    tbh i’m not really feeling the “imagine that she were your mother/sister/daughter” approach to teaching men how to respect women because women have value and dignity as human beings completely independent of some kinship to a man. and lets not act like a whole array of misogyny abuse and disrespect doesn’t occur within familial relationships so…